Try The Mojito Burrito

In South Florida, it is anything but difficult to stumble upon truly incredible dining. No matter in what part you are in, you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of choices that are provided for you. A burrito that I have been particularly keen on is called the mojito burrito. I am especially fond of the mojito burrito in regards to other burritos because of the really unique aspect of it. Its combination of flavors and textures leaves the palate pretty impressed. Ever since I tried it I have been recommending it to everyone that I talk to. When they report back to me, they tell me the same thing. This is really one of the most amazing burritos ever!

What starts it off is the variety of different meats that you are available. Just to name some of them, you may choose steak, chicken, and pork. South Florida really knows how to do it with taste, as all of these are individually delicious. I myself often go with the chicken, and I can tell you if this is what you end up choosing, you will not regret it! It really is an essential main ingredient to start off the mojito burrito. However, I can promise you, it only gets better from here.

Another important main ingredient in the tasty mojito is your choice of rice. There is either brown or yellow, and both are so delicious that it is hard for one to decide. I once even had a burrito with both, and that was definitely a good choice. A friend of mine ordered yellow and was raving about it for literally days afterward!

Following the start of these two main ingredients comes a variety of different vegetables. Vegetables are often neglected when running to grab something to eat, but not with the mojito! It is a quick, and inexpensive way to eat healthily and really enjoy the taste. A good starting point for veggies is lettuce. Lettuce gives the mojito another texture that makes it that much more appetizing. On top of this, it’s providing us with an essential green that we may have otherwise gone without.

After the lettuce, there are several more types of veggies that you have the choice of. One of these is tomatoes. If you are a fan of tomatoes, then this is really the burrito for you. Even if you are not, you can opt to not include them, because there are many more choices after that!

By far one of the things that are dragging in the most hype with the mojito, is the to die for chipotle sauce. The chipotle sauce really brings all of the ingredients together. There is no question that this is one of the best parts.

South Florida burritos are easily some of the best in the country. I have never had a bad one! It would be hard to find someone, who after trying one, would disagree. I dare you!

Sometimes when traveling, it is hard to find such an inexpensive and delicious place to eat. Thankfully, anyone eating here in South Florida will not experience this. This is very lucky, as we are often a very hot spot for tourism.